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Iris Recognition Based on Human Interpretable Features
The iris is a stable biometric trait that has been widely used in various security and identification applications. This software code develops iris features for use in forensic and law enforcement applications where positive identification requires a human-in-the-loop solution. Iris features (i.e., crypts) are extracted and presented to the user...
Published: 8/26/2016   |   Inventor(s): Jianxu Chen, Feng Shen, Danny Chen, Patrick Flynn
Category(s): Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Life sciences
Paper Analytical Device for Quantifying Iodine in Fortified Salt
A paper analytical device (PAD) for use in low-resource settings to test for the presence of iodine in salt. To test the salt, a solution of the salt and water is dropped onto the PAD in several reaction zones. The pad is quantitative in the range of 0.95-15 ppm iodine with a precision of 0.5 ppm iodine (as mg iodine per kg salt). The PAD may be in...
Published: 4/1/2014   |   Inventor(s): Marya Lieberman, Nicholas Myers, Patrick Flynn
Category(s): Life sciences
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