Method of Disease State Detection through Protein/Molecular Analysis


A number of disease states, such as ovarian and other cancers, do not have reliable or accurate diagnostic tests. Biologic elements such as microvesicles associated with diseased cells can provide an early indication of the condition.


Approximately 39% of the population will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetime.  Early detection and prompt treatment are essential for good prognosis.  Unfortunately, current methods for screening are not sensitive enough to detect early-stages of ovarian, prostate, and breast cancer.  This technology provides a method for detecting mircovesicles, bioactive vesicles, that are believed to facilitate tumor invasion and metastasis.  Isolation and identification of such vesicles from bodily fluids can serve to not only detect cancer, but also serve as a prognostic for disease state.  Furthermore, detection of microvesicles from bodily fluids may be used to screen cancers at early stages of development.

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