Novel method for the preparation of metals supported on carbon


 The technology comprises carbon-supported active metal catalysts and corresponding preparation method for enhancing activity, stability, recyclability, and facile separation by adopting carbonaceous materials tolerant to chemically harsh conditions, and nano-sized active metals highly dispersed onto and throughout the framework.

Specifically, the process of the preparation method comprises; (1) the grafting of active metal precursor onto scaffold material via simple chemical reaction, and (2) the carbonization mixed with carbo-thermal reduction (CCR) of organic-inorganic hybrid material.  By varying the condition involved in (1) and/or (2), the properties of the prepared materials can be manipulated. The ability to tune the properties can be divided into two categories: (a) category I (active metal) - crystal phase, size, and electronics, and (b) category II (carbon support) - surface area, electrical conductivity, and incorporation of additional active metal sites which are more than one.

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