Antibody Purification Via Affinity Chromatography that Utilizes the Nucleotide Binding Site


Novel affinity chromatography method that utilizes the Nucleotide Binding Site (NBS) as a target for selectively purifying antibodies from complex mixtures.  Antibodies can be selectively captured and retained on a NBS IBA column and can successfully eluted by applying a mild NaCl gradient.  The NBS IBA column consistently yields >95% antibody recovery with >98% purity, even when the antibody was purified from complex mixtures such as conditioned cell culture supernatant, hybridoma media, and mouse ascites fluid.

Key Features and Benefits:

1.       Lower production costs

2.    Improved batch quality

2.       Increased column durability and lifespan

3.       No leaching of protein A/G into the purified antibody.

4.       Selective capture of active antibodies only

5.       eliminates the capture of mis-folded, aggregated, and inactive antibody molecules that cannot be differentiated by protein A/G columns.


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University of Notre Dame
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