Functionalized Liposome Purification via Liposome Extruder Purification (LEP)


Liposome Extruder Purification (LEP) allows for the rapid purification of diverse liposome formulations using the same extrusion apparatus employed during liposome formation. The LEP process provides a means for purifying functionalized liposomes from non-conjugated drug or protein contaminants with >93% liposome recovery and >93% contaminant removal in a single step.  Depending upon the desired liposomal properties, different preparation techniques can be used that include: extrusion, sonication, reversed phase evaporation, and freeze-dried rehydration.

Key Features and Advantages:

1.       Inexpensive rapid purification of functionalized liposomes

2.       >93% liposome recovery & >93% removal of unreacted components and contaminants

3.       Liposome recovery and contaminant removal in a single step

4.       Reproducibility with the most clinically relevant liposome range of 30 – 200 nm

5.       Liposome extruder, syringe, track etched polycarbonate extrusion membranes

6.       Carried out at temp lower than the lipid Tm

7.       Pore size and number of cycles passed through membrane dictate liposome size and distribution


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