Affinity-based Precipitation for Non-chromatographic Purification of Bivalently Active Antibodies


An affinity-based precipitation method for the rapid and nonchromatographic purification of bivalently active monoclonal antibodies combines the selectivity of affinity chromatography with the simplicity of salt-induced precipitation.  The process demonstrates the abililty to purify antibodies from typical contaminants including CHO cell conditioned media, ascites fluid, DNA, and other antibodies with yields >85% and with >95% purity.  Purified antibodies display native binding levels to cell lines expressing the target proteins. Selectivity of the affinity-based precipitation method for bivalent activity can be established by purifying solutions containing both active and chemically denatured antibodies. Prior to purification, solutions can displayed 20−76% reduction in binding activity, where after purification, native binding activity is restored with the purified product containing only bivalently active antibodies.


Key Features and Benefits:

1.       Reduced purification costs

2.       Increased purified product quality

3.       Affinity-based precipitation method does not adversely affect the antibodies

4.       Rapid and straightforward process for purification of antibodies


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Gaylene Anderson
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University of Notre Dame
Zihni (basar) Bilgicer
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