Surface Enhanced Raman Flow Detector


urface Enhanced Raman Scattering is used to extract the chemical identify of analytes for positive identification of compounds.  By coupling a sheath flow upstream of a SERS detection field we have increased the sensitivity of the system and shown it is useful in the detection of minute amounts of biological molecules such as metabolic intermediaries and peptides.  Information from this system can provide an indication of cell function or the presence of certain compounds.  The system is not limited to but can be used for the detection of certain drugs.  This can be useful in the drug discovery pipeline, clinical diagnosis, as well as illicit drug screening.


This ultrasensitive detector is a label-free Raman spectrometer that is applicable for flow cytometry and can be coupled to capillary electrophoresis and chromatography instruments.  Use of the fluidic sampling device facilitates characterization of biological microparticles for disease diagnosis.

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