Performance Metrics, Sampling Schemes, and Detection Algorithms for Wideband Spectrum Sensing


At wide bandwidths, it will become impractical to sample the entire spectrum in order to detect the various sub-channel usage rates.  It would be computationally unreasonable, and an optional and economic burden.  Additionally, sampling the entire spectrum may not provide useful information when only a portion of it will eventually be used.  This systems describes a technique which allows for under-sampling  (i.e. sub-Nyquist sampling rates) while still being able to achieve the goal of determining which sub-channels present sufficient opportunities for spectrum sharing.


Two new metrics are introduced - the probability of insufficient spectrum opportunities (P-ISO) and the probability of excessive interference opportunities (P-EIO).  A ranked channel detection scheme is employed to compare channels for transmit decisions and is favorable to a channel-by-channel detection method.

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Kunigunda Szentes
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