Method and Apparatus for AC Electrospray


AC Electrospray Ionization:

DC electrospray techniques are employed with a great deal of success for the formation of aerosols for various uses such as drug delivery and compound analysis.  Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have uncovered the unique characteristics of operating an AC electrospray device.  The AC spray produces encapsulated compounds for drug delivery or synthesis of bio-fibers and tissues.



AC Electrospray Ionization for Mass Spectrometry:

AC electrosprays have been found to produce analyte sprays with an electro neutral charge and better signal-to-noise ratio than DC sprays.  AC ESI overcomes the disadvantages of negative mode DC electrospray analysis by operating at frequencies higher than the drop emission which entrains low mobility ions in the unique meniscus cone.  This in turn leads to ‘cone ionization’ of the sample.  This technique is useful in protein analysis and characterization.



Patent Status: US Patent issued 8,267,914

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