Non-Aqueous Electrophoretic Separation System for Bioanalysis and Pharaceutical Screening


This is a point-of-care separation system capable of in-vivo analysis of biomolecular samples.  The microfluidic platform utilizes a completely non-aqueous separation solvent, enabling the label-free detection of biomarkers.  Coupled with microdialysis sampling upstream, and portable mass spectrometry downstream, this device can be used to provide invaluable clinical information at the patient's bedside.



Real-time monitoring of one or more biomarkers for tracking disease progression

Pharmaceutical quality control

Pharmaceutical target screening



Inexpensive (less that $1 in raw materials per test)

Results in minutes

Only nanoliters of sample and separation reagents consumed

Easily paired with MS, UV, UV-Vis absorption, electrochemical, or fluorescence detection

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