Iris Recognition Based on Human Interpretable Features


The iris is a stable biometric trait that has been widely used in various security and identification applications.  This software code develops iris features for use in forensic and law enforcement applications where positive identification requires a human-in-the-loop solution.  Iris features (i.e., crypts) are extracted and presented to the user for positive matching in the similar manner as fingerprint analysis.  Iris crypts are detected and matched between images automatically. The matching scheme is robust even when topological changes occur to the detection of the same crypts across multiple acquisitions. This software allow for the quantitative matching of iris images which is both transparent and can be supervised by a human providing a means for the user to exercise judgement in making a positive identification.


For further details and results of this program, please reference the following journal paper:


J. Chen, F. Shen, D.Z. Chen, P.J. Flynn, "Iris Recognition Based on Human-Interpretable Features," IEEE Transaction on Information Forensics and Security, vol. 11, no. 7, pp. 1476-1485, July 2016

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